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Calibrate Ventures
Calibrate Ventures

Simulation Software Engineer - Rendering and Physics

Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics

Software Engineering
Bedford, MA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 3, 2024

To be a leader in a growing industry, you have to build the best team. We are looking for a talented Simulation Software Engineer to join us in developing advanced AI-driven vision systems with an emphasis on inspection, robotics, and automation. As a part of the team, you will be primarily responsible for developing and maintaining critical tools and infrastructure to support our cutting-edge machine learning pipeline. This role entails a particular focus on 3D graphics, simulation, and rendering. You will work on a variety of customer-focused projects throughout the product development life cycle, from initial proofs of concept through robust production-ready implementations.

The ideal candidate will have 2-4 years of professional experience designing and implementing high-performance software products in a production environment. We are looking for hands-on work experience in several of the following areas of 3D graphics: image rendering, mesh / texture manipulation, camera / light modeling, and physics simulation.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  1. Design, develop, and maintain tools and infrastructure for photorealistic simulation environments
  2. Develop innovative new methods for creating and enhancing training data for machine learning algorithms
  3. Help to build, test, and deploy experimental and production-grade machine learning models
  4. Contribute to a robust and scalable product pipeline

Minimum qualifications:

  1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical field
  2. 2 years of professional software development experience
  3. Strong proficiency in Python, particularly NumPy, SciPy, or Numba
  4. Strong analytical and mathematical skills, particularly 3D geometry and linear algebra
  5. Experience with applied 3D modeling, computer graphics, and rendering
  6. Experience with 3D physics simulators such as Nvidia Isaac, MuJoCo, Unity, or Unreal
  7. Proficiency with 3D modeling platforms such as Blender, Maya, or Adobe Substance 3D
  8. Comfortable developing software in a Linux environment
  9. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  10. Strong attention to detail

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Graduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related technical field with specialization in computer graphics or simulation
  2. Experience with cloud computing, data pipelines, and Docker/Kubernetes
  3. Experience with machine learning for computer vision applications
  4. Experience with OpenCV and machine learning frameworks (e.g. PyTorch)
  5. Experience with other programming languages such as C/C++ or JavaScript
  6. Experience with robotics, manufacturing, and industrial automation